Instead of A Plain Gas Heater, Consider A Gas Log Fire

Wood is a warm feeling, inviting heat source, but it is not always practical in the home. Wood heat can be messy and a good source of wood is not always available. Then, the wood must be stored. Many people are opting to get the look and feel of a wood fireplace with a gas log fire. There is no wood mess or constantly replacing logs on the fire. Gas jets provide the flame and heat. Ceramic logs provide the ambiance.

Gas Log Fires

Gas log Heaters consist of all that regular gas heaters have but in addition, they have a set of ceramic logs setting on top of the gas jets. Then, there is a large glass viewing area on the front of the unit. These attractive units give homeowners the best of both wood heat and gas heat. The units can be free standing or built in a wall like a fireplace. The contemporary design is simple and very attractive.

Gas log fires can be manually operated or they can be operated with a convenient remote control unit. The remotes have a thermostat function that can be used. A quiet three-speed fan distributes the heat. These heaters are made by companies such as Illusion Australia and can be purchased at store locations or online.

Installation And Service

Like any gas heater or furnace, these gas log heaters should be installed by professionals. To keep the warranty the units must be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The manufacturer includes installation instruction manuals and videos. They can be hooked up to natural gas or LP gas.

Any gas unit must be serviced and maintained on a regular basis. The many stores offer service calls at a price. Regular maintenance will keep these beautiful heating units running for years longer. Gas log fires can also be purchased using pebbles instead of logs for a little different look. Warranties cover some parts for one year and the others for ten years. Study the warranty to see what is covered.

Purchase the style and the size unit that will best serve the size home it will be installed in. For more info, go to the website.

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