Peculiarities of car insurance by makes and models

A lot of drivers tend to bother about different factors that affect car insurance rates. It's a fact that things like your driving record and credit rating affect your insurance rates to a certain extent. But there's one factor that many car owners tend to overlook, which is yet the most important when it comes to car insurance – the car itself. The vehicle you're trying to insure is the main variable that can make your car insurance policy either cheap or expensive. But what car makes and models are best to keep the insurance costs low?

It's hard to pinpoint exact makes and models because auto insurance companies each have their own statistics and risk charts they use to set rates for vehicles. However, there are a couple of variables that are the same across all companies and that can give you an idea of how expensive the car may be to insure. These variables include repair costs, theft damage costs, passenger safety, car power and top speed. Let's take a closer look at each of these variables in order to understand why they are so important.

Repair costs differ from one vehicle to another and make up a large part of the insurance coverage you'll have to carry with your policy. Typically, the more expensive the car is the higher are its repair costs. Luxury vehicles are even worse from that perspective as they often require exclusive or custom parts for repair, which cost more than typical parts. That's why getting car insurance for an expensive or luxury vehicle will cost you a lot.

Theft damage costs are directly related to theft rates of particular makes and models. There's no direct relation between the car's price and how often it is stolen, however more expensive cars and sports vehicles tend to be stolen more often than family minivans. These rates vary across the states, so make sure to check the statistics before purchasing a particular car. Having a vehicle that is more likely to be stolen will result in higher car insurance rates.

Driver and passenger safety is another important aspect of car insurance since the companies don't want to face claims with large medical bills. So pay attention to the safety ratings of the car you want to purchase and avoid buying vehicles with poor safety features. All in all, it's not only about car insurance, it's about your health and life.

Engine power and top speed also influence car insurance rates. The rule of thumb is the faster and powerful is the vehicle, the more aggressive is the driving style and the higher damage is in case of an accident. So if you're a fan of sports cars and muscle vehicles get ready to pay up for insuring your car.